The Bid Committee System in the South African Public Sector

Aligned with SAQA Unit Standard 337061: 15 Credits – NQF Level 5


19 June 2024 – 21 June 2024


12 June 2024




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This course will equip members of the public sector and organs of state to effectively serve on Bid Specification, Evaluation, or Adjudication Committees as part of a bid process. This Unit Standard is intended for people who work in the public sector.

Learners credited with this Unit Standard should be able to explain the main roles and responsibilities of the Bid Committee Members and Supply Chain Practitioners and how their job roles and accountabilities contribute to fulfilling these roles and responsibilities.

The course offers a set of comprehensive training materials and an evaluation questionnaire to measure the effectiveness of the training course.


  • Analysing the elements of a relevant Supply Chain Management model with reference to how the different bid committees relate to the elements.
  • The role players in the bid committee system are identified with reference to their roles, impact, and relevance on the committees.
  • The regulatory framework applicable to the Bid Committee System in a particular Organ of State is identified and an indication is given of how each legislation and/or prescript regulates the decision-making of a committee.
  • Analysing and applying Codes of Conduct relating to the Bid Committee process to describe the behaviour required of the Bid Committee Members.
  • Explain the rationale for a Code of Conduct with reference to the benefits and consequences in the case of abuse.
  • Recommending the composition of a Bid Specification Committee that reflects the specific commodity to be procured and legislative requirements.
  • Applying knowledge of the functions of the Bid Specification Committee to prepare for a bid invitation.
  • Recommendations and verification of the composition of a Bid Evaluation Committee for a specific commodity.
  • Checking the completeness of Standard bidding documents against predetermined criteria for a specific commodity.
  • Evaluation of bids against a specification or terms of reference, relevant legislation, the General Conditions of Contract, Specific Conditions of Contract, and other predetermined criteria.
  • Evaluation of bids in terms of the capacity and capability of a bidder.
  • Evaluation of a counter proposal for acceptability to the organ of state.
  • Recommendations for the award made and substantiated in the format required by a specific organ of state.
  • Recommendations for the composition of a Bid Adjudication Committee are made and substantiated based on prescribed guidelines.
  • Discuss the powers of Bid Adjudication Committees in making decisions with reference to the implications and consequences of the committee's decisions.
  • Scrutinising Bid Evaluation Committee recommendations for fairness, correctness, and compliance with predetermined criteria.
  • The importance of members declaring own interests is discussed with reference to the consequences of neglecting to disclose for the member and the organ of state.
  • Analysing the Code of Conduct for the Bid Adjudication Committee to determine compliance with meeting procedure
  • Recommendations and reporting to the relevant authorities.


Career roles we recommend this course for:

  • Supply Chain Management Practitioners
  • Supply Chain Management Users in the Public Sector including Public Entities
  • Senior Managers
  • Public Sector Middle Managers
  • Accounting Officers and end users who operate in cross-functional teams
  • Specialists in specific fields who are members of Bid Committees


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