Commerce Edge Academy is:

  • A registered international study centre for the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)
  • An associate of the Da Vinci Institute offering the Supply Chain component of the Da Vinci Institute’s Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management with electives in Integrated Supply Chain Management qualification
  • An Authorised Education Provider for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in South Africa

The Academy supports students on qualification programmes on an international basis and provides blended-learning tuition at all levels.


Internationally recognised qualifications in procurement and supply.

Chartered Instititute Procurement Supply CIPS Qualification


Leading development of personnel within the field of logisitics and transport.

Chartered Institute of Logisitics

BACHELOR OF COMMERCE in Business Management with electives in Integrated Supply Chain Management

Unique three year Bcom in area of Supply Chain Management offers the students both the commercial and the professional aspect.

Da Vinci

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"Studying through Commerce Edge Academy enabled me to be successful in my CIPS level 4 examinations. I used the guidelines as recommended by Commerce Edge tutors and the TEBLOS process,...I attended the CIPS Commerce Edge revision workshops which greatly helped me in my exam preparations as it helped me to connect the dots. The CIPS examinations are not easy but if one is adequately prepared, one can score very high marks, there is no easy way out other than studying hard. Thank you to Commerce Edge Academy for their support and guidance."

Susan Esterhuyse, Asst. Director: Demand and Acquisition Management, Supply Chain Management, Dept of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Western cape Government.