Commerce Edge Training offers a range of short courses  (Accredited and Non-accredited) to enhance skills and increase Supply Chain and Procurement competence in the workplace. These courses are regularly presented publicly and can also be tailored for companies as in-house options. Here are some of our most popular courses:

Procurement Contract Management and SLA Training Course

Procurement Contract Management

In this training course, you will review a step-by-step approach to develop contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) and manage them throughout their lifecycles in a world-class procurement organization. Learn about leading practices in pre-contract planning: strategizing; avoiding legal challenges...

Operations Management for the Procurement Professional

Operations Management for the Procurement Professional

Delegates attending this course will be brought up to speed in the objectives and activities of operations planning and control (OPC), designing and managing operations networks, the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to improvement, and business process re-engineering (BPR) tools.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel (1 Day)

Intermediate Microsoft Excel

This Excel Series is sustainable development training for Microsoft Excel users designed to improve the individual's Excel skills from basic use to the application and development of intermediate mechanisms. The Excellence Series is designed to equip all employees, including managers...

SAP Procurement Performance Optimisation (1 Day)

SAP Procurement Performance Optimisation

This 1-day high-impact workshop will show you how you can easily measure buyer performance from your existing SAP System.

The Protection of Personal Information (POPI) (1 Day)

The Protection of Personal Information POPI

Understand how to manage the personal information you collect to comply with the law, address your customers’ demands and protect your organisation. The session is tailored to the attendees – we ask you questions in advance so that we know...

Advanced Microsoft Excel (1 Day)

Advanced Microsoft Excel

Sustainable development training for Microsoft Excel users to improve the individual’s skills in applications and development of advanced mechanisms. It is assumed that delegates have background training and experience with Basic Microsoft Excel. The Excellence Series is designed to equip...

Policy Development (1 Day)

Policy Development

In this course we break down the process of policy development into simple steps so that even someone who has no prior experience in developing policies will have an effective basis from which to work. Policies are a tool for...

Conflict Management (1 Day)

Conflict Management

Often overlooked inter-personal differences are a key driver to poor supply chain performance. This practical approach to conflict resolution will assist you in setting the pace and mode for a collaborative and constructive working environment. The course initially expounds on...

Warehouse Operations Excellence Skills training course (6 Days)

Excellent warehouse management will ensure that the product gets to the customer on time/in full (OTIF), to the right place, in the right condition, with the right paperwork and at the right cost. Without proper warehouse management, this critical value...

POPI Act eLearning


Compliance to the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) is becoming imperative in the work environment. It has an impact on all businesses in South Africa, because even if a business does not use personal information in its day-to-day activities,...

National Treasury Approved – Public Sector Procurement and Supply Chain Qualifications

QUALIFICATIONS, ENDORSEMENTS, RECOGNITION, ARTICULATION AND CERTIFICATION   The following NQF 5-7 Qualifications have been endorsed National Treasury and recognised by the International Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). Students who complete levels 6 and 7 are able to apply...

Mastering Stores and Stock Control Online Professional Programme


This 9-week online training program, developed in collaboration with IMM and Oxford Professional Education, is designed for mastering effective stores and stock control. This programme empowers you to streamline processes, minimize waste, and enhance customer satisfaction. Benefit from flexible learning...

Streamline Procurement with ChatGPT AI – Training course

AI in Procurement

Enhance Your Procurement Process with AI Technology | Learn, Apply, and Analyze using ChatGPT Improve your procurement process using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology. In this course, you will discover how AI can benefit different industries, including procurement. You'll learn how...

BBBEE Enterprise and Supplier Development for Procurement Professionals (3 Days)

The BBBEE Enterprise and Supplier Development for Procurement Professionals course is tailored to empower practitioners and procurement specialists, honing in on the critical environment of BBBEE Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD). Throughout this program, you will gain an in-depth understanding...

Critical Procurement Negotiation Skills Training Course

Negotiation Skills

"In business, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!" This is a strategic two-day training course to obtain power negotiation skills, specifically designed for the Procurement environment. Developed in partnership with The Negotiation Academy Europe, this...

Practical Procurement Training Course

Explore procurement's core skills and gain a practical understanding of the procurement process during this educational journey. Through real-world case studies and group exercises, you'll engage in hands-on learning. Designed for those new to the field or lacking a formal...

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management Training Course

Strategic Sourcing and Category Management

Strategic Sourcing is a process that reduces cost and optimises supply performance while continuing to meet the business objectives of your organisation. Learn how to align sourcing initiatives within your organisational strategy and enable procurement to play a more strategic...

Preferential Procurement – B-BBEE (1 Day)

Preferential Procurement B-BBEE

Preferential Procurement gives rise to several important questions and implications for the procurement fraternity. Revisions to the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice are driving procurement strategy. Learn more about the impact and the far-reaching implications of the new Codes.

Writing Specifications for the Procurement of goods and services Training course

Tender Specification Writing in Procurement

Crafting precise tender specifications is vital for effectively communicating the necessary details for procuring goods or services. Our comprehensive course covers the organizing of specifications, highlighting the importance of structuring information effectively. Mastering these techniques will empower you to streamline...

Negotiation Skills for Procurement Professionals (2 Days)

Negotiation Skills

In this interactive and practical workshop, delegates will learn negotiation skills for procurement and to secure better value. Through role-play and case studies, they will become familiar with the negotiation process and how to apply the fundamental principles in a...

Finance for Procurement Professionals (2 Days)

Finance for Procurement Professionals

Procurement professionals play a crucial role in managing a diverse network of suppliers. Their responsibilities include evaluating suppliers based on financial data, employing various financial performance and efficiency ratios for comprehensive financial appraisals. Enrolling in this finance course tailored for...

Managing Total Cost of Ownership – TCO (1 Day)

Managing Total Cost of Ownership TCO

If you are optimizing an area of spend, the tools in this Managing Total Cost of Ownership - TCO - course will be crucial: document step-by-step the lifecycle of any goods or services purchased. Analyze the costs throughout the lifecycle,...

Legal Aspects in Procurement Training Course

Legal Aspects in Procurement

When considering the legal aspects in purchasing and supply management, can you correctly interpret the intentions behind supplier contract clauses? Do you understand the legal implications of orders, invoices and delivery notices? What are your pre-and post-contract award obligations from...

Effective Tendering and Supplier Management (2 Days)

Your tendering and supplier performance management efforts should not only focus on cost, delivery and communication, especially if continual improvement of key suppliers is crucial to your competitiveness. In our Effective Tendering and Supplier Management course, become aware of what...

Ethics in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (1 Day)

Ethics in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

In today’s business climate Procurement and greater Supply Chain staff are frequently exposed to ethical traps and pitfalls, yet there are still many organisations that do not have a written ethics policy. This course aims to instill the values of...

Supervisory Skills for Procurement Managers (2 Days)

Supervisory Skills

This course equips those who have been entrusted with the responsibility of leading, directing, and motivating others with the necessary skills, knowledge, and competencies required to dramatically influence employee performance and behaviour.

Introduction to Supplier Relationship Management (2 Days)

Supplier Relationship Management

This course encompasses a comprehensive exploration of multiple crucial topics. We will address strategies for dealing with unacceptable behavior, utilizing interactive role-playing and feedback sessions rooted in real-world Procurement and Supply Chain case studies. Moreover, this course will equip attendees...

Value Analysis/Value Engineering for Supply Chain Professionals (1 Day)

Value Analysis Value Engineering for Supply Chain Professionals

This workshop equips delegates to be able to recognise opportunities for Value Analysis (VA) and Value Engineering (VE) projects to be established and to be able to participate effectively in any VA/VE project in the future. Delegates gain learnings from...

Communication Intelligence for Supply Chain Professionals (2 Days)

Achieve top-level procurement success with our 2-day workshop focused on communication intelligence. Learn how to put people at the heart of procurement and negotiate better deals by mastering effective communication. You'll receive a personalized communication profile, based on your unique...

Developing a World-Class Procurement Strategy (2 Days)

Developing a World-Class Procurement Strategy

Presented in the context of world-class procurement "leading practice" and the government Supply Chain Management Framework, this procurement leadership seminar will teach you how, as a public or private sector procurement leader, developing a world-class procurement strategy can transform your...

Leading and Influencing the Procurement Environment (2 Days)

Leading and Influencing the Procurement Environment

Learn how to motivate and support supply chain members and stakeholders in achieving objectives and success. Leading and influencing the procurement environment can maximise the potential of your organisation, through effective leadership in a variety of contexts, including through change,...

Selling the Procurement Business Case (2 Days)

Selling the Procurement Business Case

Selling the procurement business case changes the business community’s biased vision of your procurement solutions. Help them understand the Procurement function’s capability to influence company profit and the function's focus on areas where the value lies. Generate more interest in...

Fundamentals Of Purchasing and World Class Procurement (2 Days)

Fundamentals Of Purchasing and World Class Procurement

How does the purchasing cycle, supply chain management, supplier assessment, bid management, sourcing and strategic sourcing all fit in the latest procurement trends? This session on the fundamentals of purchasing and world class procurement discusses where procurement leading practices are...

Procurement and Spend Analytics

Procurement Analytics

Procurement is a key enabler in achieving corporate objectives. Do you fully understand the concept of value and how the procurement function can create value for your organization? This is a 3-day practical and interactive workshop where our subject matter expert will...

Time Management (1 Day)

Time Management

Delegates will develop a comprehensive understanding of the various components required for effective time management. They will be discussed in the context of the procurement environment and its demands.

Integrated Physical Asset Management “Iso 55000” (2 Days)

Integrated Physical Asset Management Iso 55000

A robust, integrated asset management system is the only way to ensure that: Service delivery and production managers have confidence in production capacity, product quality, cost of production and company image. Future refurbishment and replacement costs are predictable; the way...

Risk Management in Procurement Training Course (1 Day)

Risk Management in Procurement

In today’s complex business environment, organizations face significant threats due to procurement and supply chain risks. These risks can result in far-reaching consequences, often discovered only after causing substantial damage. This course aims to equip you with practical methods to...

Project Management For Procurement Professionals

Project Management For Procurement Professionals

Learn the core principles of effective project management and more specifically its application in the procurement environment. How to structure programmes, implement effectively and ensure delivery, all within the context of world-class procurement leading practice. Deliver your Procurement projects on...

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Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognised as driving leading edge thinking and professionalism in procurement. MCIPS is recognised worldwide as the standard for top quality procurement professionals.

We offer five qualifications to support your professional development in procurement and supply. Upon successful completion of the Diploma, Advanced and Professional Diplomas and in conjunction with three years' experience in a role of responsibility in procurement and supply, you may apply for full membership of CIPS to use the designatory letters, MCIPS.


Commerce Edge is the first approved education and training provider for the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) in South Africa.

CILT qualifications include:
L2 which is an introductory international Certificate in Logistics and Transport.
L3 is an international Certificate in Logistics and Transport.
L5 is an international Diploma in Logistics and Transport.
L6 is an international Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport.

A range of CILT short Course are also available.


Whether you're considering a career in Procurement or already working in the field, you'll know that procurement professionals need to integrate and collaborate within the Supply Chain to increase their value to the organisation.

Being qualified in Procurement within the supply chain context positions professionals well and allows them to explore career opportunities in other parts of the Supply Chain.


A learnership is a work-based learning programme that leads to an NQF accredited qualification. Learnerships are directly linked to a specific vocation, such as a Procurement Officer or Project Manager. A learnership is a tripartite agreement between the learner, their employer and a registered training provider. Learnerships are available for people who have obtained an NQF Level 4 Qualification at a school, A college or similar.

National Certificate:
Generic Management - NQF
Level 5, SAQA ID 59201

We are an accredited training provider for the learnership in Generic Management on NQF Level 5. Talk to us about how we can assist your company and employees to complete their learnerships in Generic Management practically through an integrated work experience.

Our accreditation as training provider also extends to the Procurement and Supply Chain sectors for the learnership in Supply Chain Management on NQF Level 5. Talk to us about how we can assist your company and employees to complete their learnerships in Supply Chain Management practically, whilst accumulating world-class experience and gaining the required knowledge and competence.

National Certificate:
Supply Chain Management - NQF
Level 5, SAQA ID 74149


We represent the Supply Chain Faculty for the Da Vinci Institute as well as the IMM Graduate School. In collaboration with these universities, we offer the following degrees:

Higher Certificate
in Supply Chain

BCom Business Management with specialisation in Supply Chain

BCom (HONS) in Supply Chain Management



The University of Stellenbosch Business School Executive Development (USB-ED) and Commerce Edge offer an Executive Development Programme in Procurement and Supply Chain Leadership.


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