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    Supply Chain • Logistics • Procurement


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    Supply Chain • Logistics • Procurement

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Unpack the key elements for developing effective Bid Invitations as required under legislation

Next date: 5 June, 2023

Leveraging Excel tools in your Supply Chain Management analysis and reporting

Next date: 6 June, 2023

Exploring Advanced Excel in your analysis and reporting in the context of Supply Chain Management

Next date: 7 June, 2023

Understand the important contribution the warehouse makes to the smooth operation of the enterprise

Next date: 8 June, 2023

Many legal processes apply to the procurement environment. Brush up on this crucial component in purchasing

Next date: 12 June, 2023

Measure, manage and improve the total costs of goods and services throughout their lifecycle

Next date: 14 June, 2023

Are you an efficient, effective and respected supervisor in your procurement or supply chain environment?

Next date: 19 June, 2023

Updated B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, implementing preferential procurement and related enterprise development: implications and opportunities

Next date: 21 June, 2023

In-depth framework and roadmap for procurement practitioners, ESD practitioners and other practitioners

Next date: 21 June, 2023

In this interactive and practical workshop, delegates will learn how to negotiate for better value.

Next date: 26 June, 2023

Effectively build and manage a world-class supplier base, create and manage tenders, and meet your BEE targets at the same time.

Next date: 26 June, 2023

Financial acumen for Procurement Professionals

Next date: 28 June, 2023

Identify, analyse and manage risk in Procurement and Supply

Next date: 28 June, 2023

Work collaboratively with suppliers and assist them in identifying those suppliers that are vital to the success of their organisation and how to maximise the potential value of these relationships

Next date: 29 June, 2023

An excellent preparation for later skills development in more advanced Procurement topics

Next date: 29 June, 2023

Warehouse operation and management is a key area where competitive advantage can be gained and exploited

Next date: 3 July, 2023

Learn about world-class Strategic Sourcing and Category Management methods to unlock value beyond price during this practical - case study driven - 2 day training course

Next date: 3 July, 2023

Procurement negotiations are different and Procurement Professionals negotiate more often than anyone else in the organisation. This training course teaches critical skills for negotiating large and complex deals.

Next date: 4 July, 2023

Minimise risks in dealing with suppliers while developing and entering into professional contracts

Next date: 5 July, 2023

Avoid and manage the ethical traps and pitfalls within the supply chain

Next date: 7 July, 2023