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How MCIPS can Boost your career

CE CIPS AdAdvancing Your Career with MCIPS Accreditation

Becoming a member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) through CIPS studies not only boosts your expertise but also enhances your resume. In fact, according to the CIPS Procurement Salary Guide 2023, more than 58% of employers specifically seek candidates with MCIPS or those pursuing it when hiring.

This recognition underscores the career advantages and increased earning potential associated with MCIPS membership, making it a valuable asset for any procurement professional.

Elevate Your Professional Standing: The attainment of MCIPS accreditation serves as a badge of distinction that substantially enhances your industry credibility. By achieving this prestigious designation, you communicate a resolute commitment to excellence and expertise, resonating with employers, clients, and peers.

Demonstrating Proficiency: The MCIPS credential underscores a profound level of competence and intellectual acumen. It underlines your proactive engagement in continuous learning, unwavering adherence to ethical standards, and dedication to upholding the highest professional benchmarks. MCIPS goes beyond mere skills – it signifies mastery in demand.

Paving the Path for Career Progression: With MCIPS in your corner, you position yourself for enhanced employability and an elevated market value. Employers recognize the distinct attributes of MCIPS professionals, often translating into improved compensation packages and rewards that echo your demonstrated proficiency and future potential.

CIPS Concepts in Practice: Initiate your efforts by identifying a specific area or project where you can successfully apply CIPS principles, thus demonstrating their tangible benefits. Concurrently, communicate the value of CIPS concepts to key stakeholders, illustrating how improved procurement and supply chain management can lead to enhanced performance and significant cost savings.